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Property development and construction consultancy - our philosophy
Service Focused on Our Clients
Investing in independent development and construction strategy reviews, planning and project direction at the beginning of a construction development project will be repaid by a greater return in investment at the end. More than that, though, it means that construction development doesn’t have to be a gamble.

Our aim is to ensure that you achieve what you want from your development and actually to exceed your expectations. That’s why our service is totally focused on you.

Safe Hands
Development projects are inherently complex, but they don’t need to be high risk.  We believe that there is no excuse for poorly-executed projects.  

What’s needed is a safe pair of hands to guide you through the complexities. People with a breadth of expertise and experience across a broad range of property development projects, and who are familiar with dealing with all potential parties in a project, from architects to contractors and logistics suppliers. Someone independent who can think outside their particular brief to see the bigger picture, develop the right construction strategy and direct its implementation.

Planning for long-term success
Charles Rich Consultancy’s goal is to provide development and construction solutions for long term benefit through our contributions to organisations and projects, to give sound advice and reassurance on important key issues and decisions.

We provide you with a roadmap for making your property development project successful.  It includes gateways and milestones, together with appropriate project controls, which guide you and the team through the complexities of the project, yet still allows the designers to utilise their creativity to best effect.

Certainty in an Uncertain World
Through our informed and resourceful experts, we provide a level of certainty and security, combining knowledge, experience, and commercial understanding to help you make decisions with confidence and commitment.

Property development  and construction consultancy - find out more
Discover how we can help you achieve greater success – and how much we have achieved for others with our construction strategy and development services.

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