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Development and construction procurement, delivery and more – how we can help
Experience and Independence
The Consultancy is an association of experienced professionals which offers independent guidance and advice at all stages of projects from inception to completion.  

Executing a successful development or construction project isn’t rocket science.  Yet neither is it simple to achieve.  Our experience shows that successful development delivery, including construction contract procurement and delivery, requires clarity of thought, clear objectives and regular independent monitoring.  

Essentially, we operate as an independent advisor who sees the bigger picture, understands how all the pieces of the project best fit together, and how to direct them so they work together in harmony.

We are independent of any other consultants who may be needed in the process of a development; we work directly and proactively with you, guiding you through the complexities of projects, with the aim of delivering best value on completion.

Less Risk, Less Waste, Better Return on Investment
Development doesn’t have to be so risky.  We can provide both strategic and
practical advice on feasibility, budgeting, brief development, logistics,
procurement, buildability and more, to ensure your project runs to plan.

Waste of money, time and materials, not to mention unnecessary risk taking,
has always been endemic in these industries. In the present economic
climate, it’s not just careless; it’s an unacceptable.

That’s why we provide  cutting-edge, resource-efficient solutions. We’ll help you to identify and manage risk, and to make the right decisions to implement your projects smoothly. Above all, we’ll help you maximise your return on investment – and eliminate waste.

A Quality Service Designed to Fit Your Needs.
We offer an integrated, high calibre, advisory service for all our commissions, large and small.  To this end, you’ll have your own project director, who will ensure the necessary input from other members of our team.

Our direct, independent advice is based on many years of experience. We can help you at all stages, whether in the initial development appraisal, construction contract procurement, in specific areas of its implementation or, most cost-effectively of all, from inception  right the way through to final delivery.

In each case, we’ll guarantee high quality results within the constraints of quality, overall cost and the programme itself.

Our services are particularly valuable if you’re contemplating a one-off project, if you develop on an occasional basis, or do not maintain in-house expertise. That said, many clients of all kinds and experience can and do benefit from our independent, unbiased, advice.  

Development and construction procurement and delivery - find out more

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