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Development and construction project consulting and directing - about us
Who we are
Charles Rich Consultancy comprises multi-disciplinary property and
construction experts with over 150 years’ collective experience. We are a team of highly experienced individuals with complementary skill and proven track records of success in working with both public and private sector clients.  

We help clients, public bodies, developers and investors in the property and construction industries make better decisions,  to achieve a better return on their

Charles Rich is Senior Lecturer in Msc for BIM Management at Middlesex University.

Why we exist
Charles Rich Consultancy was founded in 2006 because we are passionate
about making development and construction projects successful.

Charles Rich Consultancy fulfils a recognised, but unmet, need in
development and construction project direction. Too often, resources – time,
money, energy, materials – are squandered unnecessarily because the
project is not properly conceived or planned.  In today’s economic climate
more than ever, making the right decisions at the early stages of development
is vital to the success of a construction project.   

Who we work with
We serve clients of all sizes and experience in the public and private sectors both directly and by collaborating with other consultancies which provide management services.  

How we work
You can expect a personalised and innovative service, 100% tailored to your
needs.  We work with you on an as-needed basis, ensuring excellent value for money. We’re committed to helping you get a better return on your investment.  

We provide independent advice to clients, developers, designers and contractors to assist in all phases, so that projects proceed efficiently and achieve best value and high quality.
In particular, we aim to reduce the uncertainties inherent in the delivery of any
development or construction project. Our experience in working with a variety
of stakeholders means that we speak many different ‘languages’, resulting in
better cooperation between different parties and reduced conflict.

In short, we’ll help ensure that you stand the best chance of having your
project delivered successfully, on-time and on-budget.  

Development and Construction project consulting and direction – find
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Discover how we can help you achieve greater success – and how much we
have achieved for others with our construction project management services.

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helps its clients reduce risk and get a better return on investment