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Property development, design and construction consultancy - our services
The Consultancy offers a range of services, either as an integrated package or on an as-needed basis.

You’re welcome to talk to us at any stage. However, you’re likely to achieve best value when we are appointed at inception. That’s when we can help with the overall property development strategy, so that when other stakeholders become involved there is a clear vision and purpose to the project.

Any construction project involves risks. Our services help to identify and manage these and identify means of mitigating risk and managing the stakeholders’ expectations.

We use our skills to discover your best construction project strategy, using input from you and your team in a fully participative process which allows for the involvement of all stakeholders.Our aim is to facilitate property development strategies and to adopt sound approaches which focus on effective project implementation and achievement of the desired outcomes.

Our services in depth

Help for Architects - the consultancy advises over 40 architectural practices both very large and down to one person organisations, both on a regular or as-and-when-needed basis. Please click the link for further details.

Property Development Services - we can advise on all aspects of a project, focusing on external issues and supporting project delivery.
Independent Project Reviews - facilitating reviews at all key stages. This service is particularly popular with architects, several of whom arrange for us to have regular “surgeries” to review their projects.

Design Management - advising and monitoring all phases of design from brief and team selection to completion, including BIM strategies and implementation..

Construction Advice and Logistics - advising on programming, methodology, buildability and modern methods of construction [MMC].

We also advise on construction logistics including site establishment, just-in-time management, environmental considerations and planning applications.