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John has over 40 years experience in the construction industry in the UK and overseas, in the contractor and project management roles for building projects. The majority of this time has been spent in project planning and project logistics, particularly during the concept and early development stages.

John’s expertise is giving buildabilty input into the design, forecasting construction project durations, resourcing and logistics from concept through design development into implementation.

He is also able to plan design and help architects draw-up their own project plans both internally and for the design team.

John joined Schal, one of the UK’s leading Project and Construction Managers, from Grove Projects, the Managed Construction arm of George Wimpey (where he held the position of Chief Planning Manager). During his 30 years with Wimpey, John gained an enviable reputation as an accomplished planning and logistics manager. In early 2001, he started working as a consultant on the strategic planning of projects, particularly schemes in their earlier stages of development.

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John Greene BSc
Planner and Construction Advisor